Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Southern Palace Group of Companies is an independent, black owned and operated holding firm that, through its subsidiary companies, focuses on recycling, steel, and manufacturing -- particularly on car manufacturing and trading as well as on technology industries. The group has diversified interests in a large number of established companies. It was founded with the goal of unifying businesses which were acquired and established by its shareholders.

Southern Palace is a young company, but it is a passionate and highly motivated company that is proud of its solid, tried and true business skills and commercial experience. They help consolidate various synergistic assets striving to build a strong business base which promotes growth in terms of wealth and knowledge. The assets acquired by the company all share the same philosophy: to aim to become a business with strong financial performance, good management, as well as to aim for lasting sustainability.

The products produced by Southern Palace are manufactured in Southern Africa, here is a short list of what they are: recycled metal products (ferrous and non-ferrous); recycled cardboard, plastic, and paper products; aluminum pellets and ingots; copper sulfate products; rolled steel, steel iron castings, cast alloy iron, cast and forged steel media balls, steel chains, wire rope; strand products; and canvas products.

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of Southern Palace Group of Companies. This is only a fan page.